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Teach Harlow

Teach Harlow


Jack Elston 

Training at Passmores Academy was a great experience in which I was fully supported throughout my year. The staff body and mentors are enthusiastic and committed to providing trainee teachers with the highest level of support. At times the trainee year can be very tough and the trainee school makes all the difference to a successful year.

I would highly recommend Passmores Academy as a training school. From the time when I completed my trainee year I have since mentored other trainee teachers with the same high level of support that I received and they have successfully gone on to secure jobs.

Michelle Turner 

Undertaking my teacher training through TES and the West Essex Alliance has been a fantastic route into teaching.

My training school provided me with incredible support through an excellent ITT co-ordinator, mentor and invaluable training sessions. The course was flexible and catered for my individual needs.

Training on the job provided me with a true insight into the responsibilities and expectations of teaching and prepared me extremely well for my NQT year.

My training year was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend this route into teaching.

Michaella Midwinter 

I feel incredibly lucky to have trained with Passmores Academy. The school is rich in technology and the beautiful building makes for a very fun and engaging work environment.

The staff at Passmores are approachable, friendly and very hard working; there's so much to learn from everyone that you meet. We have the most talented, diligent children who make coming to school an absolute pleasure everyday. I loved training at Passmores and would absolutely encourage anyone to do the same.

Toni Hastler 

My name is Toni and I have worked at Passmores Academy since 2012. I used to work in a pastoral capacity in the Behaviour Support team, but recently retrained to teach Chemistry and Science. Last year I successfully completed my NQT year at Passmores following on from completing the Schools Direct Teacher Training Programme the year before, where I was awarded Outstanding in my trainee year.

The reason I chose Passmores is because already having worked in the school, I knew the student body well (some challenges, but lots of successes and wonderful, diverse students), I knew the procedures for the school and I already knew that the staff within the school were always willing to go out their way to help no matter how busy they were. There is a real family feel to the school where you never feel like you’re alone, which helped hugely when things began to get tough.

During my training and NQT year I have learned a lot about what it is to be a great teacher and to get the most out of the students and the content you are trying to deliver them. Without Passmores support, the help of the department, staff and the additional in house CPD’s provided I don’t think I wold be as prepared for the life of teaching as I am now.

Marcus Hunt 

Training to become a teacher at Passmores Academy has been one of the most rewarding periods of my life.

The approach to teaching and learning at Passmores combined with the support and guidance provided from more experienced staff gave me the skills needed to build my career.

I would advise anyone looking to train to become a teacher to aspire to train at Passmores Academy as not does it just provide you with the experience you need to pass your training year but the tools to keep learning and developing as your career progresses.


Gemma Faley 

Training at Passmores Academy has provided me with a full range of experiences, opportunities and challenges. You become completely immersed in the life of Passmores and really feel part of a family. You will be able to teach in your subject area, take on a pastoral role in a tutor group and engage in the competitive house system. Alongside this, you will also get the chance to see some high quality teaching from experienced staff and be involved in the extensive CPD programme. This helps you to think about your own teaching and gives you different ideas to try. It is also an opportunity to speak to colleagues in other departments that may be able to offer different viewpoints and suggestions.

The training year is far from easy and requires you to be dedicated to your role as a teacher and also be committed to giving up time outside of lessons in order to fulfil the wider ethos of the school, which an extremely valuable part of the learning process. Passmores is a very supportive school and there is always somebody in the building that you can go and talk to if you need advice. It is important to be in a school where you can easily build positive relationships with both staff and students - Passmores is definitely a school for this! The students have a huge amount of contact with the staff in the school and you are the most important person in some of their lives. This gives you a sense of belonging and reiterates why the teaching profession is so important.

I always look forward to seeing what a new day brings at the school and would highly recommend training at Passmores.

Andy Lovell 

Training to teach at Passmores was better than I ever could have hoped for. Everyone in my department went over and above to help me out and my mentor was a great source of guidance, support and challenge throughout the year. There were some really tough points but I felt that the whole team were with me every step of the way and were doing everything they could to make sure that I was a success. 

I cannot recommend Passmores enough and can only hope that others have as good an experience on the training course as I did.


Perry Williamson 

Training through Passmores was a truly great experience, Very challenging attimes as all teacher training is. But all the staff and mentors were so supportive. Therefore, you could enjoy the challenge rather than allow it to overwhelm you.

I would recommend training at Passmores to anyone because of the great kids and staff at the school.

Finally the I.T.T coordinator Gareth Walsh is brilliant at his job and will give great guidance to all trainees.